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Wedding Floral Trends 2024 - Colour!

Updated: Feb 13

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when planning your florals – so let’s break it down into bite size chunks and see what’s hot and what’s not. Today let's talk colour.

Wedding Floral Trends
Willow & Herb Wedding Bouquet

Colour clashes are still big news; glorious mouth-watering tones of rich raspberry, searing oranges and hot pinks. Vibrant, sassy, fun – delicious.

But there's a more softer pallete edging its way into the scene. Hardly surprising since Pantone’s 2024 colour of the year is Peach Fuzz - think peach, think fuzz and you pretty much get the picture.

Wedding Floral Trends
Willow & Herb Wedding Bouquet

Now, it's not that wedding couples, florists and stylists blindly follow trends, but rather people choose or buy what they see.

So, if your socials are flooded with soft fuzzy peachy gorgeousness in all its Instagrammable Glory, then it's only natural to be seduced and veer off in that direction. Which is cool as there is so much to choose from.

For some of the best ‘Peach Fuzz' blooms look at Roses, Dahlias and Carnations (yip, they’re making a come-back and I’ll be covering this in a future post)

Going with a trend does NOT mean your florals will look like everyone elses - Heaven Forfend! A good florist will work with you to ensure your florals have the ‘WOW’ factor. And think about adding in some dried elements to your scheme to really make that colour pop.

I could prattle on for days about what’s hot and what’s not in the wedding circuit,

Wedding Floral Trends
Willow & Herb Wedding Bouquet

The main thing to remember is – it’s Your wedding:Your choice. Don’t fall victim to trends if they’re really not your vibe. And I have to admit, that although I absolutely adore colour (with my background in garden design I’d cram every bloom I could into a bouquet) I’m still a sucker for the classic green and white palette.

This stunning combo will never go out of fashion, can be tailored to suit your exact style and brings with it a special touch of elegance.

The challenge of creating something different from what appears to be such a limited colour scheme absolutely floats my boat.

By not always relying on foliage for the greenery, and instead adding green blooms into the mix can make all the difference. Don’t always settle for the obvious. The once humble Carnation (told you it was coming back!) in juicy bright green, or a soft, pale-green Lisianthus, or that Rose with a subtle green hue can lift your florals to the next level.

I added Nigela to this white bouquet which brought it alive with texture.

So don’t be afraid of asking your florist for advice – and it would be great to see what you opt for. Share your journey with me by tagging me on your socials - don't be shy. #willowandherbflowers

For more details on Willow & Herb Wedding Florals visit my website.

Warmest Flowery Wishes,


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