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How Much Will My Wedding Flowers Cost?

Updated: Mar 26

How much will my wedding flowers cost? That’s one of the most commonly asked questions on wedding Facebook groups, Google searches and the one I’m asked most as a wedding florist.

Willow and Herb Flowers
Bride & Groom

Well, you see, without trying to be evasive and skirt around the issue, the answer is how long is a piece of string. Or, to be more precise, the average spend is between £350 and £3500, with anything in between, and some go way higher. Now, that’s little use to you trying to budget so let me narrow it down somewhat.

I eat, breath and sleep flowers. I love them and it’s such an absolute thrill to create a couple’s wedding florals that it’s easy for us all to get carried away. But, everyone works to a budget – no matter what style or theme you’re looking for, we all have our limits – so it helps to be as transparent as possible with your florist.

I’m certainly very upfront about costs, with guideline prices clearly placed on my website But, you see, this is where the complications set in; booking a wedding florist is not like those comparison websites, as you’re rarely comparing like with like. We’re each different, with a different style and a different way of working.

As a rule of thumb, wedding couples usually reserve around 10% of their overall wedding budget for florals. This will depend on what you choose. Would you prefer just wedding party florals, or would you like to add in full venue dressing?

Ok I hear you cry in frustration – but How Much Will My Wedding Flowers Cost? So, let’s break it down and start with what you'd like and your inspiration. You’ve a Pinterest board full of gorgeous images and A-List-Celeb Instagram pics crammed with wedding flowers that would leave you breathless – and understandably you want the same. But a word of caution (there’s always someone trying to rain on your parade!), many of those pictures are styled shoots, heavily filtered, mix artificial blooms to have Wisteria dripping from the bouquets (don’t try this in real life – it wilts like crazy and looks sad) and use AI to create dream wedding florals that mere mortals can only dream of.

Autumnal bouquet
Gill & Caroline's fabulous autumnal wedding in Sloans

But that’s not to say you can’t have jaw-dropping, totally gorgeous blooms festooned throughout your venue; of course you can! But use these pictures as inspiration, a nod to the vibe you’d like and let your florist guide you.    


 So how much will it all cost? I'm going back to that piece of string again; it very much depends on what you'd like - but keep that 10% of your overall budget in mind as a guide. Table arrangements can range from simple bud vases around £15 each, to more eloborate, extravagant centre-pices running into hundreds of pounds. That's why it helps to show your florist pictures of your floral vision for your big day.

Willow & Herb Wedding Flowers
Extragavant Wedding Table

To say wedding flowers can transform your big day is not an understatement. Visually they give the wow factor, add a real touch of luxury and will put the finishing touches to not only your outfits, but also the venue – and if the blooms are scented so much the better! I’m actually getting excited just writing this and wonder if I can arrange a renewal of vows without my O/H finding out!

Right, let’s get back on track. There are so many things to consider when working out how much to spend on your wedding florals, and you can take a quick peek at my previous posts, but for now we’re talking the final cost of those blooms.

Let’s start with what’s your most important floral piece. Usually it’s your bouquet – that’s the show-stopper, the main floral item, the one which will be in the most pics. The costs of this  can vary enormously, depending on the season, the style and the varieties of blooms. As you can see from my price guide, a ball-park figure for a signature style wedding bouquet is around £150.

Willow & Herb Summer Colours Bouquet
Cascading bouquet

However. flower prices fluctuate on a daily basis; if you get married on St Valentine’s week and are looking for red-roses, then expect to pay a premium. This is not because florists want to make a quick buck and up their prices – but rather the price of those blooms are in high demand and the high prices are set at the auction houses.

And the type of flowers you choose can have a huge impact on price.

Garden roses are exquisite; highly scented, luxurious and look absolutely gorgeous. They’re also expensive. Very expensive. So, we know a bouquet with garden roses won’t be cheap. Instead opt for a  few mixed in with other flowers for a touch of luxury in your bouquet.

Also, the more variety of flowers you have the more expensive your bouquet is likely to be. Having a fabulously colourful bouquet with twenty different types of blooms means your florist will have to buy at least 10 of each flower – which results in around 200 blooms for your bouquet alone.

Creating cake flowers
It's all in the detal

The extra flowers can certainly be used in bridesmaid bouquets and elsewhere in your wedding –spreading the cost - which is why elopement bouquets always cost that wee bit more than the same bouquet for someone with three bridesmaids and additional venue flowers.   

So, it stands to reason, the fewer types of blooms in a bouquet, then you’ll be nearer to the standard price of your florist’s ‘signature style’ bouquet.

And think about those bridesmaids – it’s all very well having 10 of your besties cheering you on, but if each one has a bouquet, then the price of your flower budget starts to nudge upwards.  

Tables too – be realistic with your budget here. Having ten tables with a total budget of £150, although seems a lot of money, only allocates £15 per table – which would be a struggle even with super market flowers! But together with your florist, you can decide if you need every single table to have flowers – or would you rather a fabulous piece for your top table?

Willow & Herb Wedding Flowers
Making a glorious summer, colourful bouquet

Normally after a consultation with your florist you’ll get an itemised quote – this quote takes into account every floral piece you’ve requested and the over all cost is based on the amount of flowers your florist needs to buy for the entire order. So, the final price may well be less than if you bought each piece separately because your florist will know how to make the most of each flower in that order.  

Likewise, if the quote is higher than your budget, get back to your florist and ask how you can both work toward something more suitable. Just dropping random items doesn’t always help. Many of your florals can be repurposed too to help with costs – which is explained in last month’s blog post.

I rarely give a detailed quote for wedding flowers without having a consultation first. My price guide is on the website, so couples will always have a ball-park figure to work with. A consultation not only gives a more precise quote, including delivery, set-up etc, but it helps the couple decide if I’m the right person they want to work with – and vice versa.

Ideally, you should book – and this goes for all your wedding vendors – someone you trust, whose style aligns with yours and who can deliver what they say they will. Going for the cheapest option isn’t always wise. Those wedding flowers will be in your pictures for a lifetime, so please choose carefully.

Fireplace floral decor
Fireplace Florals Sloans Glasgow

Like everyone, I like a bargain – but there are some things I refuse to compromise. And the quality of flowers is one of them.

Why wedding flowers cost so much more than gift bouquets and super market flowers is a whole new blog post which I’ll cover in detail next time  – but suffice to say there’s a lot of work behind the scenes to produce those head-turning, Instagrammable flowers. So for now, here are a few FAQ which should help.


Q. If I just buy the bridal bouquet and we leave out the bridesmaids, how much will I save?

A. Not as much as you might think! Remember the bulk-buying paragraph? All those blooms for your bouquet can also be used in bridesmaid bouquets which spreads the costs. Take the maids bouquets away, your florist may still have to buy the same amount of flowers so the price of your bouquet may well be more expensive.

Q. Can you make the flowers last for at least a week after the wedding?

A. Usually I just drop my head in my hands at this point. Unlike Gift Bouquets, which are designed to open slowly, to give lasting pleasure, your Wedding Florals are unique to you and designed to look their very best, the piste de resistance, the absolute dogs dooh-dahs for the ceremony. If your florist chooses blooms that are closed, ready to look spectacular three days later by which time you’re sipping margaritas by the pool in Mexico, you won’t be very pleased. But your Mum on the other had might have a nice display to show her pals.

Q. What’s the point in spending all that money on flowers if they’re going to die?

A. My head has dropped back into the hands. The sheer and absolute beauty of fresh flowers is that they are but a fleeting moment of joy. I could wax lyrical all day about the breathtaking beauty of the wave on the shore which lasts for mere moments – but the truth is, very little you have on your wedding day will last – your make up, the meal, the champagne – none of which are expected to last any longer than your big day. The only thing that’s set to last if the photographs – and when you spend your lifetime looking back at those pictures, you want the flowers to take your breath away.

Until next time,

All the flowery feels




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