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Mother's Day Gift Guide

It’ll soon be Mother’s Day here in the U.K. You can be forgiven for not remembering the date, as with it being the fourth Sunday in Lent, it changes every year and really is a moveable feast. This year it falls on the 10th March, which seems ridiculously early as I’m hardly over Christmas yet!

Mother's Day Gift Guide
Mother's Day Flowers

So, it’s my job to give you not only a timely reminder, but also provide a mini-Mother's Day Gift Guide to help you choose something totally gorgeous. Worth a side note that in the U.S, Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday in May – Every. Single. Year. – so they’ve no excuse for forgetting.

Now, as a florist, Mother’s Day is one of my busiest weekends – and I'm only too well aware that for some, it’s not always a happy day. I lost my own Mum over ten years ago now, but it actually makes me even more passionate about marking the day as a reminder of a fabulous woman who’s no longer here.

When Eileen was alive, she was a staunch supporter of local businesses and also found cause for celebration in even the most mundane occasions – she once sent a belated birthday card to my sister’s dog (bear with me on this) because she wanted to support a local card maker and didn’t know anyone else who’d recently had a birthday. So in her memory I want to give a shout out to some local artists and crafters. One day I’ll devote a blog to Eileen – she was some dame, but for now, back to the job in hand… 

Flowers are one of the most popular Mother's Day Gifts. Everyone wants to send fabulous fresh bouquets, and why wouldn’t they? (I’m a florist – I would say that!) They look gorgeous, smell delicious and give the feel-good factor to both the sender and the recipient – perfect! Floral Hat Boxes have really grown in popularity in recent years too, as have dried flowers which are very on-trend Dah-ling, come in the most amazing colours and make for fabulous in-door wreaths. 

But as well as flowers, there are other ways to treat the Mum in your life; Gift Experiences – are the way to go, creating precious memories for you both. Try a spring Wreath Workshop – spending 2 hours relaxing amongst an abundance of flowers and foliage, sipping a prosecco whilst crafting something absolutely gorgeous for your door. You don’t need to be arty, I’ve yet to have a student who’s left the studio anything less than thrilled to bits with their creation. One even said the workshop cured her hangover – but alas I’ve yet to prove this and the theory is still in development stage.  

Talking of workshops, fancy letting your Mum loose on some fused-glass? Local artist, Gill Chestnutt runs the most wonderful sessions from her studio in Clarkston. Admittedly, I’m a bit spoiled where I live, with so many fabulous artisan crafters. But it’s simple to do a quick search and find similar in your area. Gill also  creates beautiful hand crafted glass Mother's Day Gifts which are not only absolutely gorgeous, but can be designed to incorporate your Mum’s favourite colour, scene or flower.

A family photo-session is another totally brilliant gift. Gone are the days of stuffy family portraits, with cringe worthy images of Maw, Paw and the weans sitting in a row like a queue at the dentist. Modern photographers are masters at capturing dynamic, fun, vibrant images full of personality  – and again it’s a Mother's Day Gift for you to keep forever, a lasting memory. Have a look at Gail McGarthy’s page – I’ve worked with Gail in the past and can vouch for her talent - not only is she fabby, but she's a first class gal. If you're further afield, then ask around for personal recommendations, you’re bound to find a family photographer in your area, and the great thing is you can easily check out their work beforehand.

Most people are a sucker for chocolates – and hand-made chocolates are a winner every time. Bella-Chocolates are almost too good to eat – but try them, they're ridiculously tasty, and in my opinion, totally on the money when it comes to good value.  

For practical reasons, this Mother's Day Gift Guide is centred around Clarkston, Giffnock & Newton Mearns - I'm a south-side gal, what can I say - but in memory of Eileen, I’m including a Shawlands gem, as she was a well kent face on Kilmarnock Road.

The Study Gift & Interiors on Kilmarnock Road has everything from cushions to candles and is the dog’s doo-dahs if you’re looking for something different. It's funky, it's fabulous and has this limited edition Roman Head Planter!

You know you need this in you life.

Willow & Herb Mother's Day Gift Guide
Roman Head - Study Gifts & Interiors

So, there you have it, my mini-guide to treating your Mum to something special this Mother’s Day. There are loads I’ve left out because the space here is limited – but it would be fabulous if you shared your own particular favourites in the comments section. Let's support local artisans, indie businesses and those fabby peeps who keep our high streets going strong.

Take care and as ever, Warmest Flowery Wishes




This is not an advertising page. None of the above vendors approached me or paid to be featured – they’re just local suppliers who work hard at what they do, provide excellent products and services and I thought it would be nice to share their details*     


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1 Comment

I agree totally with the ethos of shopping local. I can vouch for Gill Chestnut and Study Gifts & Interiors. I purchased a beautiful glass rainbow from Gill and gorgeous Christmas decorations from Lewis at the gift shop. It’s a great feeling to buy the product you want whilst supporting people living in the same community. Better order some Mothers Day flowers!

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