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What happens next?

Once you decide you’d like a consultation please phone or email for an appointment.

I’ll ask you for a brief description of your garden, the size, site position and what you’d like to achieve. Think of what’s important to you – wildlife friendly, child friendly, wild child friendly - it's up to you.

I’ll then come to visit, spend around an hour discussing what would suit your plot, then follow up with mood boards and an extensive plant list including care instructions. Having the right plant in the right place will ensure your borders, raised beds and planters will thrive.  


The fee for this service is £75. Bear in mind the visit is within a forty-five min to one hour time slot so the advice will be suitable for an average domestic border area.

If you'd like me to visit & give general advice on how to care for your garden or tackle specific problem areas with no follow up mood boards or plant lists, this can be arranged. The fee for this service is £40 for an hour. 

Happy Gardening


*** All prices are based on Glasgow sites - I may need to charge travel expenses outwith the city boundary but that can be discussed - and I'm happy to arrange Zoom meetings if this proves cost prohibitive ***


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