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Stuff About Me

My Story

Not the whole story - just the bit about gardening & flowers!

Hi, I’m Theresa and I’m a plantaholic. As obsessions go it's a pretty good one; it's fun, it's healthy and gives me an excuse to be up to my knees in muck most days.

In a previous life I was an author and journalist/presenter with BBC Radio Scotland, but like so many people my life changed dramatically during the Covid pandemic. When the U.K went into lockdown in March 2020 I was devastated at losing my full time work. Admittedly I was luckier than many - but there were times when I really thought I'd never work again. Initially intended as a blog about how gardening saved my sanity, Willow & Herb quickly emerged into a 'Right Plant Right Place' gardening advice service, where I help clients choose the best plants for their garden to make their green space their happy place.

I’d trained as a garden designer many moons ago and had presented the Beechgrove Potting Shed at Radio Scotland for a few years - where I probably learned more about horticulture than my time at college. But rather than design, I much preferred getting down and dirty in the soil, chatting to people, finding out about what they wanted from their garden, advising them on what they should plant and helping them invest emotionally in their own plot and working on their own little oasis.

Amidst this, my long-held ambition of opening a floristry business specialising in natural, rustic style bouquets lingered at the back of my mind. It had always been a toss-up whether to train as a florist or garden designer – but was it madness to start a floristry business during lockdown?  

As I started to create my own micro-cutting garden, I thought perhaps my floristry dream might actually become a reality where my love of gardens and nature would be reflected in my bouquets. In December of last year Willow & Herb Flowers emerged. Like a wee foal on shaky legs I took baby steps, spending every spare moment learning the craft, training with the wonderful Sarah Richardson at Leafy Couture in Yorkshire, Vanilla Rose in Garelochhead, Rosa Rugosa in Yorkshire and Nick Priestly from The Glasgow Flower School. I don't think I'll ever stop learning as there's always something new to take on board.

Below is a pic of me opening the new horty wing at Langside College. I was so thrilled to be asked I put on my best jersey for the occassion. 

When I'm not gardening I'm still writing you can find me at

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