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Not the whole story - just the bit about gardening & flowers!

My name is Theresa and I’m a plantaholic. As obsessions go it's a pretty good one; it's fun, it's healthy and gives me an excuse to be up to my knees in muck most days.

In a previous life I was a journalist & presenter with BBC Radio Scotland. But I have to say, the call of the wild was never far away.... 

So, many moons ago I retrained as a garden designer - squeezing a full-time college course into my freelance work at the BBC. Following that, I did a few stints as a freelance gardening journalist then went onto present The Beechgrove Potting Shed at Radio Scotland - where I probably learned more about horticulture than my time at college. I was still working full time in the news-room at this point & presenting the travel bulletins - which accounts for the suit-case sized bags that developed under my eyes. 

Anyway, I digress. As much as I loved design, my passion was the soil and plants and flowers and getting down and dirty in my plot rather than working with graph paper. Amidst this I had dreams of opening a floristry business, specialising in natural, rustic bouquets, but alas the time was never right. 

Then in March 2020 Covid struck & the U.K went into lockdown. In an instant I lost all of my full time work; I was devastated. Admittedly I was luckier than many - but there were times when I really thought I'd never work again. Gardening saved my sanity and stopped me falling into the depths of despair. I threw myself into it, re-designing our plot, with my husband chopping and cutting and digging whilst I planted on every spare bit of earth available. As our garden began to take shape, I thought it would be good to help others do the same - but worried that no one would be interested in learning about gardening during a pandemic? (I was never ahead of the curve!) But I didn't want to design, I much preferred chatting to people, finding out about what they wanted from their garden,  advising them on what they should plant and helping them invest emotionally in their own plot and working on their own little oasis. Plan B quickly became Plan A and Willow & Herb was born. 

And as I'd started my own cutting garden & working more with flowers, I thought perhaps one day I could add bespoke floristry onto my business - and in December of last year Willow & Herb Flowers emerged. Like a wee foal on shaky legs I took baby steps, getting further training where and when I could; spending every spare moment learning about flowers.  

I've been training with the wonderful Sarah Richardson at Leafy Couture Online Flower School, Vanilla Rose in Garlochhead and look forward to continuing my training with Nick from The Glasgow Flower School. I don't think I'll ever stop learning as there's always something new to take on board. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Stay safe Lovely.   

P.S...The pic below is me back at Langside College opening their new Horty Wing. I was over the moon to be asked & so thrilled that I put my best jersey on for the occassion.